Friday, 2 July 2010

Carnatik Music Sites

Non-exhaustive list of carnatic music resources.
lease add to this by way of comments or let me know and I will update the list.

Karnatik (Reference material about music, lyrics composers, ragas) 
Kutcheri Buzz (Magazine style music and dance site 
Carnatica (News, forum's, articles maintained by Sowmya and Sashikiran) 
Indian Heritage music page (Assorted information) 
India (Raga lists, assorted information) 
CarnaticMusic.Com (Interviews, Reviews, etc) 
Todd McComb's Carnatic Page (has Carnatic CD reviews) 
December Season (details about Chennai December concerts, sabhas, hotels)
Krishna's Music Page (articles on music theory) 
Vasu's Sangeetha Sabhai (Raga analysis, etc) 
South Asian Women's Forum (Articles on North & South Indian music) 
Music Research (Devoted to research in Carnatic Music)
Pramila's Carnatic Music Page (has raga of the week articles, concert reviews)
Vainika Wikispaces (dedicated to the South Indian veena) 
Carnatic music Wikipedia
Carnatic Music Guide (Blog with lots of information about Carnatic music)
J. Balaji's Tala Page (Lots of information about the mrudangam and talas in Carnatic music) 
Chennai Music Season Online (Artiste profiles, Schedules of the December Music Festival) 
Bhajana Sampradaya (A comprehensive site on bhajans) 
CarnaticStudent.Org (Online course for Carnatic Music by Ludwig Pesch) 
Nama Sankeertanam (maintained by Thiruvaiyaru S. R. Krishnan) 
Shaivam (About ancient Tamil Classical Music) 
Sruti (India's premier magazine for the performing arts) 
The Music Magazine (Online magazine on all types of Indian music) 
Art India (Various information about Indian Arts. Delhi based site)
Madras Music Season 2008-09 (from Art India)
Carnatic India (Assorted information about Carnatic music, concerts)
CarnaticMusic Online (maintained by Koushik Das) 
South Indian Classical Music Information (maintained by K. Srinivasan, Canada) 
Carnatic Music Forum (Discuss Carnatic Music with other rasikas) 
Arvindh's Carnatic Music Page (has technical information about Carnatic shruthis, etc) 
The Events Calendar (Indian Music and Dance calendar) 
Cyber Sangeet (Hindustani music magazine style site) 
Toronto Gharana (Hindustani music resource) 
Carnatic WWW Virtual Library (more links) 
Yahoo's Regional:Countries:India:Entertainment:Music:Classical page (more Indian Classical music links) 

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